Should Death Penalty Be Abolished Research Paper

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Should Death Penalty be Abolished or not?

Giving a person, the death penalty is called a death sentence, whereas performing the death sentence is known as execution. The crimes that put a person in a situation where he or she has to face a death penalty are known as capital offenses or capital crimes. Capital is a Latin term that means “regarding the head”, that refers to death by beheading.
Death Penalty, also known as capital punishment or death sentence, is a legal punishment due to which a person is ordered to be killed by the state because of a crime that person has committed. The Death penalty has been misused against minorities and political foes by those in power in the past and possibility of this happening still prevails. Capital
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These criminals numbering over a thousand may be executed at a rate of more than three executions in one week, which is horrifying (OADP, 2014). How can countries talk so loudly against death penalties and still carry out their own death sentences?
In the past, people were executed brutally and savagely. We claim to have evolved as a society, but what change have we possibly brought in our society if killing is still done openly, not only by the criminals but the state itself? People of the past were executed due to simple kind of crimes, such as shoplifting, stealing cattle, cutting down a tree in a public place. These were the savage people of Britain in 1820. This era had almost one hundred and sixty crimes that were punishable by death.
But in this world with the crime level at a high, how can one not give death penalties? What would an alternative be? There is an alternative, sentenced to jail, without the chance of parole. With this punishment, the criminals would have a lifetime to think about what they have done and suffer in the life of prison with small beds and horrible food. Most of these criminals would look towards the outside world and just ask themselves, “Why did I do it?”, and that is bad
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Isn’t this also against the law? One person is being killed for killing another person, whereas one person is being paid to kill another person. Killing of a person should not be a job. People from the military do suffer from PTSD simple due to killing another person and the same can happen to an executioner who is a simple citizen and has no training. The Death penalty is also against every single religion. By carrying out a death penalty, some of which are the execution of the innocent, we as a society are going against almost all religions of the world where death penalties are strictly not allowed.
The Death penalty also encourages other random citizens to take matters into their own hands. If a person is not getting his or her rights, or, a person just lost a case in which he or she is sure that the accused in the same person who committed the crime, that person takes matters into their own hands and attempts to kill the accused. This type of vigilantism is certainly not appreciated. No one likes a vigilante who kills because a vigilante who kills is not a vigilante people look up like Batman (Agent,

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