Should Corporal Punishment Be Banned? Essay

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The "terrible twos" and "trying threes" tend to test a parent 's patience more than any other phase, so it makes sense that kids in these age groups are the most likely to be spanked. Nobody should be in physical pain for a wrong doing, this applies explicitly for children. Corporal punishment is sometimes used to define physical discipline, such as slapping or spanking. To punish, is to impose a consequence on for a fault, offense, or violation. Spanking is to strike on the buttock with an open hand. Corporal punishment is often a sensitive matter for many people to talk about since everyone has a different opinion on this subject. Many parents see corporal punishment such as spanking and slapping as a form of child abuse. While others believe that spanking or slapping works as a punishment because the child stops doing what they have done wrong. Yet the child continuously does the same thing and is being spanked or slapped every time they misbehave. So does corporal punishment like spanking or slapping really work? Should the United States allow corporal punishment to be legal? Many Americans think that spanking is the best way to punish a child for their wrong doing and acting out.
“It is illegal in forty-seven countries around the world for a parent or anyone else to spank a child. In one hundred and twenty-four countries corporal punishment is prohibited in schools. North America is one country where physical punishment by a parent is legal as long as the physical…

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