Should Cops Use Technology

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Your phone,or computer,etc may turn against you if not careful. In this essay we are talking about why cops should get to use personal items like phones,iPad,computers. Or the new Alexa or echo’s database to solve cases or crimes.Cops should use technology for crimes. Why they should is it would cause less delay for them to track the criminal and allow them to be better undercover while they record for uses against people they do it to help.
Cops shall use technology for cases and crimes or felonies reasons are that they I have cameras or mic which can record telling us their voices or identity. They used phones to search for a car thief, too. And a woman who made a string of harassing phone calls.
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Police can use the technology for simulations. Police should use tech because it can help with training in real life situation. Then cops shall have better ways to describe training.
Cops understand that Alexa or Echo are voice auto database just waiting to be used for other uses like solving skills cases and cops can make warrants if not allowed.Cops need to use mic embedded device because they can have them on while undercover. It's better because they could be small cameras. So cops can now have better evidence.

You may now be extra careful that you have learned electronics may be used in court or evidence . Now others might say that cops don't have a reason to but we are being watched by the government when we type or we search. Now in this essay it talked earlier how cops can make warrants they are not watching us all the time like others who are unnamed. Thank you and now may think different about police and

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