Should Congress Be The Best Choice? Essay

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In America today, the public is deciding who will be the best choice to become the next President. Yet, no one really pays any attention to their respective congressmen and how long they have held their office. With that being said, I believe that congress must have a set term limit. Because everyone complains about the laws that get passed or not passed, but no one ever steps back and says, “Hey why don’t we appoint someone new every term?” There are an abundance of reasons why a congressman holds a seat for a set amount of time.
One reason is that they are too comfortable with their position and forget what the people want or need. The Congressmen are only worried about themselves and where they can make the most money to fatten their bank accounts. Richard Epstein made a good point in his article in the Tennessee law review, “Why we need term limits for Congress: four in the Senate, ten in the house.” He states that “All elected state officials face some conflict in balancing their state interests with their national responsibilities”. (Epstien, 2011)
What if congressmen have a set amount of time they spend in their position? They are more likely to pass laws that will help the people, and be more receptive to the states they are representing. Congressmen are not forgetting what the people want, but trying to put the “greater needs” of the nation first. With all the problems that America is having with gun control and the fiscal budget, it would be nice if congress could…

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