Should Condoms Be Distributed For High School Students? Essay

1568 Words Nov 19th, 2015 7 Pages
Though some people believe that schools should distribute condoms to students, some believe that students are sexually active. Although the counter argument would be that some students are allergic to latex and can have severe breakouts from them. Other students could leave condoms around the schools blown up, all over the floor and on teacher`s cars. This is why my paper will be discussing if schools should distribute condoms to students or not. While some students are sexually active, others are severely allergic to latex condoms. This is one reason why schools, schools should not distribute condoms to students. Some people believe that condoms should be distributed to High School students. But others disagree. A recent study of UK policy and practice in relation to sexual health services for young people, based on their findings discussed in this paper are based on analysed that most of the students want this to happen, But on the other hand other students do not because they are also allergic to latex this is coming from 205 school nurses surveys (Francis). Yes, many students in High Schools are sexually active, but does that mean schools should have to distribute condoms to the students. However the students can blow up condoms and use them to prank teachers and use them to bully other students by saying that they don 't have sex enough or at all which brings the students to stress and peer pressure. First, we found three main service permutations, in a context…

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