Should Concealed Guns Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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In the recent past, learning institutions have increasingly become crime scenes with dozens of students and professors dead and others wounded. This has sparked debate on whether concealed guns should be allowed at colleges or not. The current laws prohibits anyone to carry a gun in and around school premises but the proponents of the matter are calling for the legalization of concealed guns in schools as the first step in keeping campuses safe. They argue that this will give potential victims the ability to respond and defend themselves against criminals. However, closer look into the matter reveals that this legalization will cause more harm than good as far as campus safety is concerned. It is against this background that this paper has sought to discuss the reasons as to why concealed guns shouldn’t be allowed in schools. The paper has addressed some of the major short
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If the trained police themselves have found unfit to use firearms after alcohol consumption, it beats logic how the opposite results are expected for students who are untrained on the use of fire arms. Drunken students are more likely to engage on life-threatening activities such as vandalism and physical violence in which they can not only injure or kill other people but also themselves. This means that allowing students to own guns will just but increase their chances of threatening peace in and around school promises especially when under the influence of alcohol which is in most case impairs a person’s ability to make rational judgment of situations (Campus Gun Control Works- Why Guns and Schools Do Not Mix, 2014) Furthermore, this will burden campus police with more work to check on whether all students around the school are sober enough to carry their guns. In simple terms, combining alcohol with guns is sure recipe for violence especially where young people are

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