Should Community College Be Free? Essay example

1289 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 null Page
When I was attending Mercer Island High School my teachers were stressing the fact that you need to go to college. I didn’t only hear it from them; I also heard this from my parents and counselors. I couldn’t understand why it was so important at the time because I was more into playing sports and being a child or young adult if you will. After my senior year it began to click on why it was so important to go to school because you could start to build your life. Or as Thomas Friedman says in his book The World Is Flat, that is can give you ambition. There are lots of jobs but more people that jobs that are offered. So to give yourself an edge you should go to school and get a college degree to benefit. But how fair would it be if community college was free? If community college was free in Yakima Valley some students could lose their ambition because it is given to them instead of working towards it. That being said their curiosity and passion could increase for some students because they are given a shot at something they thought was out of reach. For the education gap at the top students I think having students pay for their tuition could make them want to be interested in subject like math, science, and engineering since they are paying money for them. Ambition is something that is created from within and each person is capable of doing so. If you want a job the only thing that is stopping you is you. In the book The World Is Flat it states, ‘When they send jobs abroad,…

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