Should College Tuition Free College? Essay

761 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
According to Bernie Sanders campaign website, we need to focus on making college tuition free and follow in the footstep of Germany. The problem is, free tuition in Germany is not working out as well as it was supposed to according the Yale Free Press. Students in college are somehow paying for it or getting help to pay for college. They are most likely working and paying their way, their parents are helping them out, they have taken out loans, or maybe they are getting financial aid. No matter what they are doing, somehow their college is being paid for. I sat through high school surrounded by people who clearly did not want to be there which made learning for other people very difficult and now that is something that could happen to college as well. Yes, college tuition is very expensive and most graduates end up in debt, but making it free is not the solution. Free college tuition is such a positive thing to a lot of people because of them not wanting to have student debt. According to Harvard University, a study done about debt reveals that 58% of college graduates have student debt. It also shows that the idea of having debt pushes people away from going to a 4-year college with the fear of having debt themselves. In his 2015 article, “A Crisis in Student Loans”, Adam Looney shares that students in a 2-year institution are more likely to have debt and that is because many students in a community college do not come from a rich background, so they do not…

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