Should College Tuition Be More Affordable For All Students? Essay

2468 Words Mar 21st, 2016 null Page
College tuition has been a heated topic for several years. Every year the prices rise from one extreme to another. What can be done to stop this? Tuition needs to be lowered so that we have more college graduates instead of more college dropouts. What’s the reason for not lowering college tuition? Congress has the power but they aren’t doing anything but raising the costs. Lowering tuition isn’t as easy as dropping out of school but it would keep students in school to get an education instead of dropping out. What’s the dilemma with Congress not lowering college tuition costs? According to Sara Goldrick-Rab (2016) college should be more affordable for all students. Thousands of students go through high school wanting to further their education and get a degree but can’t pursue those dreams due to high tuition costs. Susan Dynarski (2016) states that more than sixty percent of students go to college but only half of them graduate. High tuition costs keep students from attending and even finishing their degree. Why does Congress hold back on lowering the cost of tuition? According to critics there are two reasons tuition does not get lowered. One reason would be financial aid and student loans. Reason two would be because Congress won’t lower it. Critics find that financial aid and student loans are one reason tuition doesn’t get lowered. Students do receive financial aid as well as grants, scholarships, and they can even apply for loans, but that doesn’t…

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