Essay about Should College Tuition Be Free College?

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When a child or teenager thinks about what they want to do when they “grow up”, they don’t necessarily think about all of the debt they’ll be in because of student loans. Most good paying jobs require some sort of college degree, but what if somebody can’t afford college tuition? College classes can be very expensive and daunting, causing high school graduates to doublethink about whether or not they want to pursue a career in college. “Free college” seems to be the answer; but where will the funding for free college come from? Will more people be willing to attend college if it is “free”? Also, will people that already have their degrees be downgraded since everybody will have a college education? Free college was once a reality for the residents of various U.S. states. In 1868, the University of California system was made with the proclamation that “admission and tuition shall be free to all residents of the state, (Stone, 2016)”. The University of Florida and New York were also once tuition-free. Arizona state constitution required their colleges to give instruction “as nearly free as possible” back in 1935 (Edvisors, 2015). So, with all of these examples of free college, what happened? There was less money to go around forcing colleges to start implementing fees. Another big setback in free college was in 1966 when Ronald Reagan, then governor of California, proposed a 10% cut from state funding and fired UC president Clark Kerr who helped students protest rising…

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