Should College Scholarships Be Paid For My College? Essay

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It can be said that if you work hard trust God in all you do good things will happen to you and doors will open and opportunities will come your way. I have worked hard to live this way and have given my all to my grades, community, and my development as a person. I am a responsible, honest, and hardworking student and in regards to my education I have worked hard to apply for scholarships to pay for my college tuition.
To give you a little bit about me, there are six people in my family: two parents, one brother, two sisters, and I am the youngest. While blessed in love, my family has experienced their share of personal tragedy. Both of my sisters are attending college. They and my parents are trying to pay for her education out of pocket.
My father being a police officer. Although my dad’s income is generous, the majority of it is due to overtime. Any extra money my father earns is from the time he has spent working and away from my family so we can survive under one-income. I admire my father and mother exceedingly, In addition, my father is whom I like to call “The man that upholds justice and gets the bad guys.” However, being the daughter of a police officer can be terrifying. Knowing he is in the field and knowing the stories of police officers being murdered or shot in the field is frightening. Additionally, hearing derogatory comments about police officers and the generalized scrutiny towards them has been hurtful when I know that my father is working to make my…

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