Should College Professors Make An Environment? Essay

954 Words Oct 28th, 2016 4 Pages
Surely by now, we’ve all familiarized ourselves with the fact that college professors don 't actually teach, they lecture. So it 's essentially up to us to teach ourselves the subject. However, I think this method is rather backward. Yes, high school spoonfed us information and many teachers went out of their way to ensure our understanding of subjects, that should not discourage teaching in college. College professors should be able to create an environment, in which we can, freely think, question how things work or why things work, why they work the way they do, explore various lifelike situations, learn how to appropriately argue (learn to attack ideas rather than persons), learn to put things into perspective, reduce individual biases, create dialogue and inspire us to do individual research. As I get into my studies, however, I am quickly learning that such an environment is limited. My science classes often consist of lectures which do not provide such an environment; most of the students are quiet and facts are just being thrown at us. Students are not encouraged to think, they are encouraged to memorize sometimes without fully understand the subject.
While it is certainly the students’ responsibility to work hard, attend office hours, utilize their peers and tutoring services, it is also the professors’ responsibility to ensure that students have an environment which they can openly question and learn. Such an environment is even more crucial for students that are…

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