Should College For College? Essay

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College is one of the most expensive things most people will do in their life. With that being said, should everyone go to college? The experience may not be for everyone. Particularly if it’s something you can’t pay off in the long run. Most people can’t afford college out of pocket so they rely on loans from the government. Also, many people’s families will help them out as much as possible with the expenses of college. How long will it take for a student to pay off the loans they accrue while in college; how many years will the student be going to college? The student could also choose to get an associates’ degree rather than a bachelor’s. How would their yearly income differ from if the student had chosen to get the bachelor’s? Sometimes a student won’t need to go to college for their education to be able to do the career they’d like. Should the student go to college for an associates’ degree for the experience or would it just be a waste of money? (Most of this will be changing as with research the argue points of my essay also changed. Just need to finish it so I can really get a good thesis and finish the order of what I’m going to be putting. Suggestions will be much appreciated!)
With how expensive college is in the long run. Moreover, it’s very difficult for many people to go to college because the cost of college varies on where students go, but if you want to get the best possible job after graduating college, then people may have to go to an elite university…

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