Essay about Should College Football Players?

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Another reason I believe why these athletes are employees is that they are economically dependent on their universities, just as most of traditional relationships between employer and employees. College football players are dependent on their universities through basic survival needs, such as food and shelter (McCormick., McCormick, 2006). Only some of the players are given grants and aids to be able to eat as they would not be able to finically support themselves without it (McCormick., McCormick, 2006). The scholarship provides schooling, residence for players and food to be able to perform for the large number of viewers and football supporters who come watch them play, but the players do not get any employee benefits or cut backs from playing the games. Other examples that show the universities or colleges put up the act of schooling first is the fact that they hire tutors or bribe professors to give football players high grades to keep up the image of the players putting classes first (Eckard., Nagel., Randall., Southall, 2015., Finkel., Martin., Paley, 2013). The schools also get away with accepting football players in certain universities/colleges, to play on the football team, who can not read or write correctly (Finkel., Martin., Paley, 2013). This shows that not all of the players are academically able to keep up with post secondary school, which further enforces the idea that the term student athlete is just a coverup for the actual relationship existing between…

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