Should College Education Be Free? Essay

1049 Words Dec 1st, 2015 5 Pages
Does having free College education accessible to everyone make college more appealing? Would having free college education draw in more students to take classes? Would the percent of students graduating in upcoming years rise if schooling was free? Really no one knows the answers because college is far from being free.
Today the rising cost of a college education is alarming, after high school many students dream of being able to attend the college that they most desire, but very few of them can afford to gain higher education. So, should college education be free? Having college education be free to all can have many pros and cons to it, but student should have every opportunity to be able to attend college and better themselves as they choose. College is a way for high school students to pick their paths in life. Many students after high school are uncertain of what they would like to do for a career, this is a time where they can explore what they are interested in and pick what suits them best. When students are able to try out several fields it gives them a sense of who they are which is beneficial in helping students get on the right track of higher education, but also in the long run is a way for them to increase their yearly earnings and provide them with superior employment opportunities. Students are not the only ones who benefit from this though, if students were able to get a higher education this means that the providing states would be welcoming a more…

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