Essay on Should College Degree Be Taught?

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By doing this academic plan it really showed up what my time in college could be like in terms of classes and getting a degree. Since I have yet to declare a major my academic advisor is Jennifer Jenkins. So when I was filling out the rough draft of my academic plan I filled it out with the degree that I am interested in going into, but not 100% sure at this point, elementary education. Thankfully I still have some time before I have to make a final decision about the college degree I want to earn. With graduating from high school with a total of 45 college credit hours it was able to eliminate many of the general education classes that I would have needed to take had I not taken any in high school. While I was working on my draft, it was made easy for me to only have to take about another year of general classes and then I would be able to stay towards a degree. My meeting with Jennifer was very informational, we talked for about 45 minutes about classes and other things that I could do to have a great college experience. She gave me a lot of great information about why I should change classes and other career options as well. When I went to talk with Jennifer about my draft, she did suggest some minor changes to my plan. For example switching some classes or dating a class or two,making sure that I would be in the other general classes first before I go into working towards a degree. I was also able to learn that getting a degree wouldn’t take me more than four years,…

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