Should College Degree Be Taught? Essay examples

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Some twenty plus years ago my twin sons, in the third grade at the time, were sitting at the kitchen table one evening doing homework. Having a question about his homework, one started to ask me for help when his brother interrupted him and said, “Don’t ask Dad; ask Mom, she is smart; she went to college.” At the time, I did not pay much attention to the comment, and I gladly took the opportunity of not having to help with homework to go back to whatever it was I was doing. Today, I would want that conversation to go a bit differently.
We are always learning something; sometimes it is so subtle that we do not recognize it, such as when we learn how to work our new smart-phone. At other times it is more noticeable or intentional, like actually sitting in a classroom taking a college course as we earn our college degree. Often a college degree is a necessity in our professional careers, sometimes it influences how people perceive our intelligence, and at other times it just helps us to solve problems and better understand the world around us. I believe we are never too old to learn and as such, no one is too old to either start down the path of earning a college degree or to return to school and finish the journey we started sometime earlier. Regardless of how long ago, just as I am doing now.
At forty-eight, I am at a point in my career and with the company I work for that I must have a college degree to advance any further. Within the company, technical knowledge…

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