Should College Degree Be Successful? Essay

1231 Words Nov 7th, 2016 5 Pages
In this century an education is indispensable and mandatory to be successful and have also a better life with a great opportunity, have a College degree or college education became really important base on the new system educative, back then everyone could start a career right after high school without no degree. Currently students are in really complex transition from high school to college. Those students just graduated from high school, or are just about to, and are debating whether or not college is right choice. While many people feel that college has many advantages and is the obvious choice after graduation, there are some disadvantages to attending as well. However in my opinion should everyone have a college degree?.
First, college is described as a ticket to a great future, not just in the way of money however the majority of people thinks the higher educated you are the higher quality of life you can afford such as job opportunity, more money and stability with a family. A college degree open a lot of doors sometime an individuals could not open without no college degree and also give you the flexibility to change jobs and job locations from there you get to have average of job relate with to your degree, which is going to determined you wage. Sometimes graduated students can have a option to get pay whether is will be a salary or hourly but overall they minimun range of price set based on degrees and their job. Later on they decide to have a family, this is…

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