Should College Become Free? Essay

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Should College Become Free?
Did you know that the average student loan debt today is reaching $30,000? As of 2013, about seventy percent of graduates left college with a debt of at least $28,400( This means that out of every ten seniors, seven of them are leaving college with this amount of debt and it also projects that anyone can end up with this amount of college loan debt . The average student debt for the class of 1993 used to be $9,400, compared to the debt today, that is more than double of what the debt used to be. This is an enormous problem and is important for our youth to take this into consideration and pay attention to it. I have done research on this topic and heard of people with hefty amounts of student loan debt. Teachers I know who have been teaching for a very long time are still paying off their college debt.
Moreover, there are people who get a job they want, but their starting wage does not pay well for them to balance their money. So, graduates coming fresh out of college are having a hard time paying off their college debt. Some jobs require a certain amount of schooling and if you spend lots of money for college, get hired, and are not able to pay off a debt, then it is tough because a college debt is not the only thing that you are paying. People have to live their life by purchasing food, paying bills, and taking care of their families. If this problem is not fixed, then their own kids could get caught up in this situation…

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