Should College Be Free? Essay

1058 Words Apr 19th, 2016 null Page
“‘Education has always been the secret sauce, the secret to America’s success,’ he said” (Baskin Obama pushes free, two-year college plan at Michigan speech) Many of todays significant leaders have expansive college degrees in business and politics, but for many this is out of reach. Todays cost of a college degree stands at $137,000 a premium price for such a standard necessity. So how in one of the worlds most privileged and advanced nations do graduated students accumulate over one trillion dollars in debt. The answer is not that he or she is irresponsible, but completely the opposite he or she is smart by societies standards. But due to the crippling price of college tuition, students have limited prospects. College should be free to attend because it will create better job opportunities, stimulate the economy, finally it will provide lower income students with the benefit of continuing their education. (Tuition of College and Universities) To begin, not long ago the United States instituted free college for Americans and less than 50 years ago California had free college. During the great depression many families were forced into hard times and because of this they sent children to work earlier, due to this incline in child labor major universities took a hit and attendance dropped significantly. Later due to the GI Bill veteran soldiers headed back to school and received free education. These veterans and scholars led to the great leaders of today. Today the average…

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