Should College Be Free? Essay

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Should College Be Free?
Over the past few years, the cost of higher education has become unbearable for most. The cost for an opportunity to become more educated is quite frightening. On average, public colleges cost $32,762 while private colleges are priced at $42,419 on average (Bridgestock, 2015). But community colleges, which should be complementary to the people of America, cost $16,325. Colleges should be more convenient and reasonable for the people of America. If a quality education was at least attainable to some, America as a whole would improve tremendously. As of today, only 30% of Americans who pursue college end up graduating, and this showcases a huge waste of time and money (Bridgestock, 2015). If students were not forced to work while in college, the graduation rate would improve dramatically, simply because it would because it would allow more time for students to manage their studies. Graduating from college, although may not ensure success, but can increase the chances of having success; while not having a degree or certificate can lower chances of being successful, unless an individual is blessed with a well paying job or just are born into a wealthy family. Free or at least reasonable college tuition would be a tactful move for our country which would create a conscientious society and also synthesize greater opportunities for the people of America and reduce violence.
College, even if it were not free, but maybe more affordable, would create greater…

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