Essay about Should College Be Free For People With Low Income?

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Why should college be free for people with low income?

If college were free, there would be a higher percentage of people who graduate from college. Everyone should get a chance to get a higher education without paying. If students have been going to school for free, they should not have to start paying for school when they graduate. Having to pay tuition will be a big change for a person who usually does not have to pay to go to school. College should be free for people who have low income like middle class and lower class because everyone cannot afford college. Going to college for free will provide a big opportunity for a person to have a career. College can be paid for in many different ways. Students are stressed about the cost of college tuition because finding the money to pay for it is a major deal. One way to pay for college is to get a scholarship, but not every student can get a scholarship, and it will be better if college tuition were free. People really struggle to pay for college because they will have to find a way to make money to help them through the years while they are in college. A high percentage of people drop out of college because they cannot afford to pay off their college loans.
Many parents who did not go to college want their children to get a college education. Parents can see that higher education will make it possible for their children to have a good career. “In the 1950s and 1960s, it was possible to graduate from high school and…

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