Should College Be Free College? Essay examples

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We are in high school now, and that means soon we will all be going our own ways and starting our future. Some of use will go to college, but soon college might undergo a change to be free. College education being free would affect the job market, unemployment, and the people financially. Right now free college is beings talked about with the current student debt, the college plan itself, other countries, the cost, and rising tuition prices. The United States student debt is at an all time high with 1.1+ trillion dollars (Schrager). One free college plan is called “The Sanders Plan”. The Sanders plan would make getting a bachelors (4 year) degree tuition free for public colleges, lower interest rates, make colleges pay for 100% of the costs of low-income students, and be paid for with tax money. Some countries like Finland, Norway, Sweden, and some more have a free college already (“It’s Time to Make College Tuition Free and Debt Free.”). The cost according to “How America’s Colleges Could be Tuition Free.” would be an estimated 62.6 billion a year. That cost would only rise because college is getting more popular proven by a survey conducted in 2013 that found there was a 68% growth in college enrollments between 2013 and 1990 (“Is College Education Worth It?”). College tuition is also being raised by colleges according to “How America’s Colleges Could be Tuition Free.” Free college education is negative because of the job market impact, unemployment, and the financial…

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