Essay on Should College Be Free College?

1726 Words Apr 19th, 2016 null Page
A huge debate that is always under discussion is free college, whether a family can afford it or not. Many people would be able to benefit from this, in cases where everyone can attain their goals. Also most people would be able to believe in themselves, and know they are capable of achieving more than they believe they can. Jamal Eric Watson author of the academic journal article “A Bold Promise” states, “As the cost of a college education continues to rise, Haslam’s legislation has generated interest across the nation” (Watson A16). Since several people cannot afford to go to college, they end up believing they aren 't good enough for anything. Watson states that its weird how people don 't approve of free college because its an educational opportunity (Watson A17). College should mainly be free because people will have higher knowledge, therefore they are able to achieve great things in life and for our work industry. Equality is a major factor in society, and having free college will allow everyone to be able to attain their dreams. We all grew up in a world where money is priority, it pays the bills, gets food on the table, and gets a person what they need. Having a lot of money allowed young people to be able to get on the ladder to higher education. Gary M. Stern, author of the article “Community College Initiative” states, “Under Obama’s America’s Promise, enrolled students would receive two years free tuition at community colleges as long as they maintain a…

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