Essay about Should College Be A Open Door?

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Colleges will have to devote additional expenditures for students if the college has an “open door” policy. “Open door” policies make it more affordable for people who want to attend college. Even if the student is intimidated by all of the difficult criteria the college offers, enrolling in an open door policy college would still be cheaper. According to NCSALL, “By keeping the doors to higher education wide open, community colleges have accepted the responsibility for educating all their students, including those who are not ready to do college-level work. Almost all community colleges offer remedial classes in math, English, and writing. Community colleges now serve more than 10 million students a year.” I think by colleges offering easy classes to students to get into their generals, the student may still not put any effort into their education. Education Weeks states, “Every year, the system spends about $30 million for remedial classes-about 6 percent of its $457.5 million budget.” Depending on the determination and personality of the student, they should be able to easily surpass the curriculum. Even though an “open door” policy would be beneficial for some people, the policy will place a financial burden on colleges for additional programs for the students who do no attempt to exceed the curriculum.
The majority of college students will be the audience that will connect with W.J. Reeves the most. Reeves talks about how many students are enrolled in college, even…

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