Should College Be A College? Essay

1015 Words Oct 5th, 2016 5 Pages
In recent years we have saw the rise for a college education become much more important to the young adults of America. College application turn-ins have increased and more children now attend a college or university. What has changed the importance of college in the minds of teenagers? College is now seen as an outlet for many students, it helps them maybe escape from a place they know would not benefit them if they stayed there and give them the readiness they need for a future. College is all about furthering your education and providing the best education the system has to offer. There are many factors that play a role into the importance of a college education, but does a degree really make you a more successful person? Motivation is the prime reason of most college attendees. Without the push of self-motivation students would not be able to continue through college. Many young adults use college as a reason to better themselves and their experiences in the world. Going to college can open doors for me in the future that can lead me to better things in life ( As referring to college opening doors, this simply means that there are job opportunities you may have not been qualified for without attending a college or university. Another large factor in the motivation of college students is unemployment. Today’s students have been hearing about unemployment since they were fourteen ( If you attending a college or university you…

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