Should College Athletes Get Paid? Essay

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Should College Athletes Get Paid? Many people say that college was the best time of their lives. College students experience a lot of fun activities in college, but you also experience many bad events. In college you have the opportunity to do many things. You can join a fraternity, you can attend parties, and you can join many clubs. Many people find friends in college through fraternities or clubs, you can even find your soulmate in college. All of those are great activities in college, but college athletics is just above everything else. College athletes contribute a lot to the universities, therefore they should get paid. Within the Universities, there is a lot of controversy on if the college athletes should be paid. People say that College athletes should not get paid, because there education is their “money.” Others say that they should get paid because, “Athletic scholarships do not provide a free education.” (Johnson) “However, even with a full scholarship, an athlete will have to pay somewhere between $8,000 and $12,000 out of pocket to bridge the cost-of-living gap.” (Johnson) Players do not get paid however, so how would they pay this 8,000 dollars with no job? You may ask why can 't they get a job? Well, because they play a sport that’s why. College athletes work hard all year round. They are constantly in the gym and working on their body and there craft. “According to a 2011 survey conducted by the NCAA, college football players spend an average of 43.3…

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