Essay on Should College Athletes Get Paid?

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Should college athletes get paid?

One of the hottest debates in the sports world is whether or not college athletes should receive a cut of the revenue they produce for the school. Football and men’s basketball players generate billions of dollars a year through television contracts, so why don’t they get to share in the profits? Does this mean that big time universities are exploiting their college athletes so that they can cash in on their talents?
Many people are not aware that most athletic departments actually lose money year after year trying to fund programs. Out of the 120 FBS (formerly named Division 1) schools, only twelve broke even or made a profit last year. The money they would be using would be coming out of the university’s general funds, which would mean taking money away from academic scholarships, classroom resources and professors’ salaries. Athletes already have their tuitions paid for, not to mention their room and board, meal plans, and all of the other perks they receive. Quite simply, the answer is no. Universities should not allow players to receive any kind of compensation for their performances.
Colleges today are sent into place to allow students of all ages to gain a degree. When it comes to student athletes there is exceptions. There are many other students who participate in clubs, groups and even the Greek system, but they don’t get paid for their participation and popularity they bring to the university. According to "Theta Zeta –…

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