Should College Athletes Be Required? Essay

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Why should college athletes be required to have bachelor’s degree in order to play in the league. In the United States today their is a debate about whether or not college athletes are required to get a bachlors in order to play in the league. Although some people believe that college athletes don 't need a bachelor’s degree to play in the league because it uses up money and less people might play, but it makes smarter player’s in business, also athletes have something to fall back on if they get injured and/or cut from the team, also graduation rates of a athletes are a huge issue for colleges.
Although some people believe that athletes need a bachelor 's degree in order to play in the league, they don 't. They argue that college athletes don’t need a degree to play sports. They fail to realize that most college athletes go to college in hopes of being drafted into a team that wants them. Also the players managers and lawyers are the ones who handle the players. Most of them argue that players don 't need a bachelor 's because going to school may change their minds on whether or not they want to play sports. Reason is, will going to college the athlete may find interest in a more professional field than sports. For example if My cousin was to earn a scholarship for playing football, and while he is in college he finds an interest in becoming an electrician he would 've lost his chance at becoming a professional athlete. Another reason that athletes wouldn 't need a…

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