Essay Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Sports have been an integral part of leisure time for America since the early 1900s, when listening to sports, especially baseball, on the radio was a beloved pastime for many families. Lately, college sports, primarily men’s basketball and football, have become more popular. Now that college sports have grown to such a high popularity level, people are asking, “Should these kids get paid?” Though many believe these athletes should be paid, I do not. Collegiate athletes should not be paid because they are not going to school for sports but for an education; they are not professionals, and therefore, should not be paid as such; and paying them would take away funding all other smaller sports and the overall funding of the school. Colleges are not made for sports but are made for students to receive a higher education. Though many children dream of playing in the professional leagues, the majority of them will not make it there. Theodore Ross tells us, “More than 30,000 men play NCAA Division 1 football and basketball each year. A little more than 300 are drafted into the NFL and NBA.” (Ross 49). The thousands of college players that do not go on to play professional sports need a career, and that is why they go to college in the first place. Peter Higgins, a lacrosse coach and former NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) athlete tells Current Events, “College athletes should focus mainly on education. Athletics is just an added incentive, which provides them…

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