Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

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Millions of people around the country watch college sports like basketball and football but what if one day those sports were ruined and didn 't exist anymore. Well that 's what is going to happen if the NCAA starts paying college athletes. For this not to happen the NCAA should not pay college athletes because not every school has the money to do so, playing college sports is not a job, and because of the law Title IX.
There are many schools around the country that you might not know about that would be greatly affected by having to pay college athletes. In the article The Problems with Paying College athletes Kristi Dosh gives an example of a school that would struggle to pay their athletes: “But what about a school like Western Kentucky? They already spend $5.6 million on grants-in-aid, and it takes $8.2 million from the University to balance their budget. How do they afford to pay players?” (Dosh). With these smaller schools they don 't bring in the money for college sports like other colleges like Alabama or Oklahoma so these colleges would have to get rid of their sports programs. Another example of how schools wouldn 't be able to afford paying college athletes is Where are you going to get this money, only 14 universities are actually turning a profit from college sports. (Dosh). If only 14 universities are actually getting a profit from sports that means only 14 schools could really afford to pay their athletes. So for the other schools they would to have to spend…

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