Essay Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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As an upcoming college athlete I think it would be a huge advantage to be paid. Why should college athletes be paid to play sports. There are many reasons to why it would benefit a college athlete. Some of these reasons are good and some are bad. Many believe that paying athletes can result in many good outcomes for not only the athlete but the college that athlete plays for. But some believe that paying an athlete results in only bad thing for each the franchise and athlete. Athletes participate in sports, have a jammed schedule, have no time for jobs and the sport is an athlete 's job, being paid teached budgeting as well, but on the other hand being paid does not always result in the best for an athlete.

In the first place colleges should pay athletes for many reasons. Such as each athlete 's participation in practices, sporting events and activities relating to the sport. College athletes practice every day at least once a day but many do multiple times each day. This requires complete dedication to the sport. Not only that but they play their hardest in the games they play and are rewarded by what? The feeling of a win or loss? Yes many believe that is enough but some say that paying athletes could make the athlete play harder with more intent to win. This could make the athlete want to do better in order to obtain more from the game other than the nostalgic feeling of a win or loss.

Athletes put in huge amounts of effort in games and practices, but not all want to…

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