Essay on Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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The topic of paying college athletes is a very interesting one. Many college athletes are now demanding to be paid if they are to continue making a commitment to their sport. They put so much work in for however many years they attend their school and now many of them are demanding some sort of compensation. Athletes all over the country have fought for what they believe is their right to be paid. It has become a highly discussed topic in today’s media and will continue to be a popular one until some sort of agreement between the NCAA and its athletes is reached. This topic has sports writers split down the middle on which side to cling on to. Some argue that since athletes are already given a scholarship and often times so much more, they do not deserve any more for what they do. Others argue that with all of the time and hard work that athletes put in, they deserve at least some sort of compensation. In the end, athletes already receive plenty of compensation for what they do and do not deserve to be given any more than they already receive.
One argument that does support the proposition of paying college athletes is that colleges and universities do in fact have the money to pay their athletes. Advocates in support of paying athletes believe that universities do much more than break even. They believe, even though many people believe that they are wrong, that schools only seem like they break even when this is not actually the case. Most schools allow athletic…

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