Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay

1574 Words Jun 1st, 2016 7 Pages
With all of the apparent money that student athletes bring in for their colleges, shouldn’t they earn some cut of it? After all they are the people raking in millions and millions of dollars for their colleges. However this perception is wrong; the athletes are already being compensated for their outstanding athletic achievements and paying them would leave room for them to do many dumb things that other college students already do. College athletes should not be paid because the athletes are seemingly already paid through their scholarships where they receive a free high education, free meals, free room, and also a stipend for other things such as flights home, or extra food. According to Institute For College Access & Success, in the state of Pennsylvania 71 percent of students leave a public four-year institution or private nonprofit four-year institution in debt. The average debt is $32,528 (McCauley). This debt could potentially skyrocket if we pay these students athletes because the amount of money that it would take these schools to pay the athletes would put the schools in extreme debt, and the only way to get themselves out of debt is just to charge more to the average student making the student’s debt even larger. That is an enormous burden for kids who may, or may not have a job awaiting them upon graduation. When you look at it that way, plenty of college students would be happy to play a sport for four years if it meant they did not have to take on that…

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