Should College Athletes Be Paid

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College athletes already receive free tuition, free books, first pick of classes, and a personal tutor. On average, it will cost a student about $30,000 to attend a private college, and $10,000 to attend a public college. If you are a college athlete, you enter college for free. Along with free tuition, college athletes also receive the first pick of class. Colleges desire that athletes get a sterling education along with their athletic adventure. Guidance counselors allow athletes to acquire first pick of their classes each semester. Although in may not be in the mind of an athlete to focus on education, the college still wants them to participate like all the others. Class spaces often fills up quickly, so students without an athletic …show more content…
There are many opposing arguments that encourage athletes to receive a salary. ESPN writer Michael Wilbon, states, “I wouldn 't be the slightest bit interested in distributing the funds equitably or even paying every college athlete. I 'm interested in seeing the people who produce the revenue share a teeny, tiny slice of it.” This is the argument that they use to support their cause. The NCAA annually makes $912 million for televising and conducting every athletic (“College Athletes Deserve to Be Paid”). Many on the opposing side state that since college athletes are the reason the NCAA acquire such a large amount of money, would it not be morally right to pay the athletes? After all, they train like an Olympic for their sport. I believe that this opposing argument is incorrect. Although college athletes generate a large cir-plus in money, I believe that free tuition alone takes care of that. Any student in the world would accept free tuition, while college athletes look at it as a small part of the professional plan. They should be honored to be playing college sports, as thousands of people everywhere desire that they get an opportunity to compete in the NCAA. College athletes receive more than they notice. Universities everywhere invest thousands of dollars into a college athletes annual. Colleges treat athletes like a gardener treats their flowers. They nurture them, give them nothing but the best, and hop that they blossom, and allow the gardener (or college), to achieve success. Every pair of cleats they lace on are free. Every meal they eat is free. And every book they read (weather they take the time to study) is too free. College athletes receive more commodities free in college than others do in their entire life. If college athletes primary focus on athletics, and do not play professionally, and will have no where to go. “Paying

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