Essay about Should College Athletes Be Banned?

1220 Words Nov 12th, 2015 5 Pages
Athletics are central to today’s entertainment driven world. Whether it is football, basketball, or baseball, fans are constantly obsessing over games. Spectators place all their time in thinking about the outcome of the game, while the individual athletes’ best interest is completely overlooked. No one seems to question whether or not an athlete has learned anything other than what pertains to their sport. In reality, college athletes are not given the education needed to succeed further in life. Collegiate student athletes have been taking “paper classes”, also known as “scam classes”, in order to pass requirements set by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. Many college athletes cannot read past an eighth grade level (Ganim). This can only be described as an outrage. Athletes are finding this low level of education to be acceptable and are unable to work on improving their academic skills due to the unfair practice hours and minimal time off given to them; however colleges should make education a priority for all students, athletes included. Continuing “paper classes” will not allow collegiate student athletes to receive a supreme schooling. Instead, student athletes should be forced to have a purposeful academic schedule.
“Paper classes” are most frequently listed as independent studies or general studies and simply require one paper to turn in at the end of the course. No attendance is taken nor is there any regular class schedule. At the end of the meaningless…

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