Should College Athletes Be Banned? Essay

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Most parents want to enroll their kids in sports, and kids love the thrill of running up and down the soccer or lacrosse field scoring goals. Participating in recreational sports beginning at a young age teaches kids crucial lessons including leadership, teamwork, and that it is OK to make mistakes. Yes, these lessons are valuable and necessary to proper child development, but is it worth putting children at risk for injury or potential long term brain damage? Since teenagers and younger are more susceptible to injury and the possibility of injury is lower in a practice situation rather than a game situation, age and skill requirements, along with return to play plans should be implemented in sports to help limit injuries, more specifically concussions. Adding prerequisites to signing up for sports like ice hockey and american football can keep kids in the game and off the bench.
The occurrence of concussions and second impact syndrome is significantly greater for adolescents in high school or younger, providing an even greater risk to kids below the age of eighteen to develop or sustain one of these injuries. A recent study was conducted at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicineís Center for Sports Medicine to understand the different impacts concussions have on athletes at the high school and collegiate levels. From this it was concluded that “an estimated 62,816 cases of MTBI [mild traumatic brain injury] occur annually at the high school level, with football…

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