Should Cohabitation Before Marriage Be Encouraged Essay

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Should Cohabitation Before Marriage be Encouraged? In the 21 century, marriage is no longer considered as a life binding commitment to one person. A decrease in the number of marriages and an increase in cohabitation both have come in the wake of a large increase in divorce in the last thirty years (David G. Green, 2000). Cohabitation is more popular nowadays because the current generation would like to know whether they are compatible. They also can see the habit and character of their partner by living together. The cohabitation may be defined as an intimate sexual union between two unmarried partners who live together as husband and wife without legally marrying. Although cohabitation before marriage could perhaps bring advantages …show more content…
In fact, however, mostly the males who pay the expenses. It is because they think it is a sign of gentlemanliness. Besides, the quarrels and conflicts will occur if someone spend too recklessly. For example, the cohabitation couples will finger point as the women frittering the finances on shoes and handbags or the men were out drinking. This can cause misunderstanding that may lead to a break up. Moreover, it would be trouble if the cohabitation couples open a joint checking account. This is because it is hard to split up the account equally to them and no legal protection for the couple who live together but did not get married. Another argument supported that the marriage can be more stable by cohabitation before marriage. However, the couple who cohabit before are much more likely to divorce afterwards. Cohabitation before marriage not only increases the chances of divorce, also increases the chance of an unsuccessful marriage (The Survivors Club Staff , 2011). It is because the cohabitation couples often start cohabitation with different motives. The women will agree the cohabitation is because they think it can lead to a marriage. But for the men, the cohabitation may be a way to defer the marriage because they have no idea what they actually want. Besides, the cohabitation couples are more concerned with the satisfaction that obtain from the other. It is different if compared with the marriage as the marriage is more on giving

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