Should Class Environment Be Beneficial For A Student? Essay

1109 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Millions of college students all over the United States, have to decide how they want to pursue their college career. Traditional face to face classes or taking online courses are the main two options students must choose from (some students even choose to take both!) Whether it is getting out of bed to go to a class or getting out of bed to go to a computer for an online class, either one are both great methods of getting an education. Trying to decide which class environment will be beneficial for a student can be difficult. Online and face to face classes compare and contrast in many ways, however the comparisons of interactions, expenses, and discipline between the two both serve various purposes to accommodate the needs and comfort of those wanting to obtain a quality education.
The first comparison of face to face classes is the interaction. Students are able to get the "feel" of a traditional class setting as well as getting a quick response from the professor when help is needed. Students on campus can talk and visit with their professors during class and office hours. Students are more likely to get higher grades than those taking online courses, because students in face to face classes are more focused from being more social with classmates and the instructor, which results in faster learning concepts. Students gain or retain the ability to pay attention in class without the interruption of surfing the web, as one might would during an online course. The second…

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