Essay about Should Children Be Vaccinated At Attend School?

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“Should children have to be vaccinated to attend school?” (Lemons, 2016, p. 185). This statement is the prescriptive issue that Jane Fullerton Lemons, writer for the 2008 CQ Researcher posits in her report on “Vaccine Controversies.” In order to get both sides of the issue, Lemons obtained a testimony from Amy Pisani, Executive Director of Every Child By Two, and a rebuttal from Barbra L. Fisher, President of National Vaccine Information Center. Initially, my thought was to side with Fisher, but with further reading I 've concluded that Pisani had the stronger argument, despite the weaknesses given throughout. Given the polarizing issue of weather or not children need to be vaccinated to attend school, Pisani believes yes, it should be mandatory. She explicitly states “All 50 states have legislation requiring vaccines for students” (Lemons, 2016, p. 185). Her argument was practiced in the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in 1905 and was upheld giving vaccines full constitutional authority. From her statements, Pisani gives reasons and evidence to reach her conclusion. First off, she says that outbreaks in diseases are jeopardizing public health, prompting state legislators to re-evaluate the wisdom of allowing non-medical exemptions” (Lemons, 2016, p. 185). She indicates that children who got out of the mandatory vaccinations were then thirty-five times more likely to get measles, and six times more likely to acquire pertussis; otherwise known as whooping cough.…

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