Should Child Labour Be Banned Globally? Essay

968 Words Mar 29th, 2016 4 Pages
With the introduction of globalization in our modern society, many corporations use the economic “advantage” of child labour. This allows corporations and major franchises to save money on production of materials and raw goods. There are many factors that make this a disadvantage as well as an advantage for major companies, such as lower labour costs, lower rent costs in overseas factories but many of these come with the problem of inadequate health regulations and living costs. Many big name companies use this tactic to manipulate economic expenditure for their gain. However, this corrupts many children around the world and strips them of their childhood. That being said, child labour should not continue anywhere and should be banned globally.

Child labour has been practiced throughout the history of globalization and despite its economic advantage, “Politicians in developing countries like to define child labour as work that impairs the development and well-being of children” (Edmonds, 1). Regardless of the economic savings corporations and big companies save on labour and rental space it breaches on basic human security and child laws. One major example, which shook the world with its devastating effects was the Joe Fresh incident in November 2000 where “…. Ten children earning around $11 per month burned to death in a garment factory in Bangladesh. The exits from the factory were chained shut” (Edmonds, 1). This incident showed the world the background context on child…

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