Should Gum Be Allowed In School

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Robert stockwell

Gum chewing can decrease sleepiness better than coffee and it’s healthier too. Even though there are a lot of beneficial effects to chewing gum in schools it’s still prohibited to students. Teachers may say no to gum and so would other school supervisors, but on the other hand students would say yes to gum. The no gum rule should be changed because chewing gum actually can improve concentration and stimulate brain activity. This writing will show why these reasons should be considered into changing this ban in schools.

To begin with, kids should be allowed to chew gum in school is because it can improve concentration. According to “The Cognitive Benefits of Chewing Gum,” “When we chew gum, we gain alertness and attention, but without the jitters.” Most students get distracted when doing work or taking a test, and this can start to affect their grades. If people want to concentrate for a long period of time they usually drink some coffee, but drinking coffee will start to make a person ansty and want to move around. This is caused by the large amount of sugar and caffeine intake all at once. Although, when chewing a piece of gum, the amount of
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According to “Why chewing gum should be allowed at school,” “Students often put gum underneath a desk instead of being caught throwing it away.” A result of this, schools are dirty, people step on gum all day, and just the look of it is overall gross. It is understandable why some people feel that gum shouldn’t be allowed in schools, because these reasons are very valid and is a big part of why gum isn’t allowed in schools, but a solution to this is to actually allow gum. If kids put their gum on the nearest surface to get rid of it fast, then allowing gum would let kids be more open about throwing it away in the trash, overall making the school cleaner, and the kids will get to chew

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