Essay on Should Cheating Be Legal?

762 Words Apr 4th, 2016 4 Pages
For better or for worse, for sickness and in health, and till death do us part. Do these commitments ring any bells to you affair having ladies and gentlemen out there? How could you look your spouse in the eyes every night, knowing what you’ve done with the lady down the hall, or the pizza delivery guy? Is a night stand really worth a lifetime mistake? These are the questions that arise when I think about spouses who condone cheating in their marriage. This controversial topic has been around since the dawn of marriage and has been around and thriving tremendously ever since. There should never be a time where cheating on your spouse would be acceptable in a marriage because time has been spent, money has been spent, and a commitment has been made publically or legally that clearly states the seriousness of the marriage. Cheating is something I would not tolerate and something that no couple should ever make an exception for. Marriage is a done deal once the papers are signed, a kiss is given, and the words are spoken; so why would you ever go through all of that trouble just to cheat? Dating: the action of spending time with a person who you are physically, emotionally, or sexually attracted to. Whether it’s a onetime date or a numerous amount of dates; dating around is usually the appropriate time to weed out future partners for a future relationship. This is also the appropriate time for cheating to occur. Dating is as serious as a walk in the park or a…

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