Should Cheating Be Banned? Essay

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It is hard to argue that cheating in school is becoming easier and easier as our technology advances and it is not going away, some people even claim that cheating is more prevelant today than ever. In a recent survey out of one Midwestern school based off of 100 students it was found that 74% of the students had shared answers with a classmate during a test at least once in their lifetime. Richard Pérez-Peña, in an article for The New York Times, says that the rise we are supposedly seeing in cheating may be due to the internet making students able “to connect instantly with answers, friends to consult, and works to plagiarize.” Pérez-Peña also says it could be due to the greater tolerance for cheating and his claim that “both schools and parents have failed to give students strong, repetitive messages about what is allowed and what is prohibited.” As I travel through my school career I hear about or witness cheating almost every day whether it be cheating on a test, copying homework, or plagiarizing a work from the internet. Cheating was definitely more prevalent in high school than college. In high school, there are many students who cheat so that they can make their way through school quickly to “get on with life” but others are attempting to make themselves appear more competitive in the game of college acceptance. What those students do not understand is that they are developing bad habits which will not help them in college, the workforce, or “real life.” Students are…

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