Should Cheating And Plagiarism Be Banned? Essay

1222 Words May 31st, 2016 5 Pages
As kids grow up into adults, they go from learning arithmetic in elementary school to considering the major they may be interested in college. During the period of growth, their learning pressure and peer competition are gradually increased. As a student attempts to please parents and teachers, be outstanding in the competition, or even go to a good college, grades mean everything for him/her. In order to receive a higher grade, some students choose to copy during the exams, use unauthorized materials on homework, or take other’s opinions as their own in the papers. Cheating and plagiarism have been an issue in schools as long as the first school arose, but the development of the Internet gives students more ways to plagiarize and cheat. They can easily find term papers, answer keys, and case solutions from online learning platforms, such as Course Hero, StudyMode, and CliffsNotes. These cheating activities that violate academic integrity will result in severe consequences. Patricia McGuire, the President of Trinity Washington University, in her article “Perilous Plagiarism,” takes the example of senator John Walsh of Montana, who was accused of plagiarism, to demonstrate how plagiarism destroys the senator’s career. She believes that plagiarism is a moral issue of stealing other’s work without crediting the sources (McGuire). On the other hand, James M. Lang, the director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at Assumption College, in his article “How college classes…

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