Should Changes Be Made to the Regulations for Foods, Served in Public Schools?

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Should changes be made to the regulations for foods, served in public schools?

Introduction Regulations for foods, served in public schools are a matter of great concern as it is essential for the purpose of creating a healthier lifestyle for children studying in public schools. The government has supported several children through the free education and free food program. But the quality of this food is not at par with the standard of the food quality approved by nutritionists so it needs to be changes. The foods do not contain fresh fruits, green vegetables, pulses or right amount of any nutrition filled foods so it is required to change the menu as differently as it can be so that proper nutrition can be given.
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It leads to several problems in the future, as individuals have to then deal with several diseases caused due to an imbalanced level of nutrition and an inactive lifestyle. All of this can result in severe problems with the health of children in public schools. Problem 3: Poor overall health and physical and mental development Low levels of nutrition in food results in poor overall health and physical and mental development. This is extremely dangerous for children in their growing years as it can lead to issues with learning and cognition as well as problems with grasping and concentration (Olshansky, S. J., and D. S. Ludwig. 2005). Poor nutrition being hazardous to a person’s health and quality of life as well as the root of several diseases should be considered very seriously and hence it becomes crucial to regulate and change the regulations governing the food provided to students in public school. Possible solutions The best way to tackle this problem is by spreading awareness on the benefits of healthy living and healthy eating. It is very important to spread awareness about healthy living in America in order to help people improve their lifestyles and health conditions. This will help in creating a better living. Lack of proper levels of nutrition and a balanced lifestyle is a major health problem and can be resolved by embracing healthy living

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