Should Cell Phones Be Used By Students During School Hours? Essay

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Should Cell Phones Be Used By Students During School Hours
Imagine having the most up-to-date technology in your back pocket and not being able to use it! Crazy, right? However, this is what happening all across the United States. Students have smartphones in their back pocket and are not allowed to use them for school research or projects. In some cases, the students ' technology is better than what their school has available. This technology should be allowed in classrooms with restriction. Parents can coordinate with students and teachers a lot better if students could bring their cell phones to school. It is beneficial when the student has their cell phone because if the student needs help they can google it on their phone. The teachers should not have to worry if their students have their phones out while he/she is teaching. The only thing teachers should be worried about is if the students know what they are learning about in class and how to do the school work they give them. Students sometimes do not understand some of the assignments that teachers give them and so they can look up how to do the assignment and get more information on that assignment before asking how to do it. Students can use their resources around them before going up to the teacher. Some people think it is a bad idea for cell phones in schools because of the distractions, cell phones can cause, but cell phones have settings on them so they will not interrupt other students. Allowing the use…

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