Should Cell Phones Be Banned In School Essay

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Technology has enriched people 's lives both in school and out. Cell phones are convenient and connect you with applications and the internet. Students can get a definition to a word using the internet and can look up the answer to a question that the teacher doesn’t know. In the article Students Should Be Free To Carry Cell Phones At School written by Allison Berryhill shows how cell phones can be used during break in between classes and during lunch. Also in the article Cell Phones Should Not Be Banned in Schools by Randi Weingarten shows how cell phones are vital in the communication between students and their guardians. While some people use technology as a tool others take advantage of it using them to cheat and bully other students. Some …show more content…
If cell phones are banned in school it takes away the protection a parent has over a child. During school cell phones should be turned off in your pocket or locker. “A widespread ban on technology is unnecessary. Each school should develop its own policy which may require that cell phones are turned off in class but should allow their use before and after school and in case of emergency.” (Weingarten, 1). The UFT(United Federation of Teachers) supports that cell phones should be permitted on school grounds as long as they are shut off. However the Department Of Education thinks that a widespread band is necessary because of cheating, bullying, and theft. The UFT is correct because it allows the student to call for help if there is a problem at school like the Sandy Hook shooting and allows Guardians to communicate with their children. All schools should allow cell phones but have different policies regarding their use which would mean students could have them turned off during class but use them throughout the halls and at lunch. “Parents, teachers, and administrators could work together to develop a school by school cell phone policy” (Weingarten, 2). People who don’t follow their school’s cell phone policy could be punished by having their phone taken away. Cell phones can be used as mischief but also “Pens, pencils, and even paper could potentially be used for mischief or harm. It would be counter-productive to ban every mischief from the educational environment. ” (Weingarten, 2). Cell phones should be used when appropriate and should be confiscated when they are used inappropriately. Technology has impacted the educational environment. For example, the use of tablet applications enhance learning and adds a different dimension to learning. Smart Boards let the

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