Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In School Essay

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Should kids be allowed to have cell phones in class when they should be better spending their time on studying? Nowadays the typical image that pops into mind when someone mentions class rooms is that of a unorganized, chaotic room where teacher is droning on about the French revolution while the kids are busy texting each other, playing games on their phones and generally ignoring the teacher. Who would like to listen to something boring that happened a hundred years ago when you have the latest version of the subway surfer installed in your smart phone? Mobiles should not be allowed in class rooms because they are a sign of disrespect to the teacher. Cell phones distract students from their lectures and they can be used for cheating in a test. Additionally, mobiles …show more content…
The answer to this is simple. Students can use the school’s phones if the need ever arises. Cell phones were not so popular in kids 40 years ago and parents felt safe sending their kids to school without …show more content…
I would say that getting help from a teacher if you are stuck is way better than getting help from a cell phone. Students can also use books to clear their concepts. In her article Kinjo Kiema explains, “that critics believe that the increased use of cell phones in school [even for educational purposes] will entice the students and encourage them to put it for non-educational use and it will be a significant distraction for students and teachers (Kiema).” It is like setting a cycle in motion. Allow students to have cell phone for education and out of total time that they would spend on their device 2% will be for studying and 98% will be posting pictures and updating their statuses on

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