Should Cell Phone Use Cell Phones Use Be? Essay

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Cell Phone Essay
What should our schools solution to cell phone use be?
People have been debating over the usage of cellphones in schools for years.
Students have been calling for more lenient restrictions on cell phone usage in class over the past few years, this is happening all across the United States, they want to be able to use their cellphones to call parents or research information in class.
Some say that cell phones can attribute to cyber bullying during school hours. More cell phone usage in class would be a good idea.

They allow students to stay in touch with their parents in case an emergency should happen.
One reason more cell phone usage in class is a good idea is because safety to kids should be a number one priority. One reason to allow more cell phone usage is because it allows students contact parents in case of an emergency. Another reason to allow cell phone usage in class is because it allows students to make each other aware of different events having to do with safety.
According to the passage in favor of cell phones "The main benefit of having a cellphone is so the parents can contact their children whenever they need to."
The article is saying that it is very important for parents to keep in touch with their children whenever a situation may arise. Not having a cell phone in class to contact your parents is kind of like being a ship at sea with no radio to call back to land. This relates back to my point in a really meaningful way and that is…

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